About the CryptoArt Ukraine community

CryptoArt Ukraine is a community created in February 2021 and out mission is:

  1. Help Ukrainian creative people to understand and use crypto ecosystem and NFT especially to develop their careers
  2. Promote Ukrainian cryptoart scene globally, as organized, progressive and friendly community with representatives from different genres.


Over 2,000 individual NFTs or NFT collections have been created by community members in a 2021. Many artists are now creating and fundraising with their NFTs to support Ukraine.

twitter list with 200+ ukrainian crypto artists


In the context of war we’ve organized the Rescue team (6 volunteers from the community) to support artists and other members of the community (curators, researchers, art critics, journalists, developers etc.) We’ve made a list of Ukrainian crtypoartists to promote them and connect with NFT projects that are raising funds for Ukraine. We are constantly asking members of the community about any possible help we can provide and already helped more then 30 artists by providing financial help, information about psychotherapists that could help for free and mostly helped with logistical questions of evacuation. Also we’re sharing all valuable information in the telegram group 1500+ people.

How to join

Our main communication is happening in telegram group. It was public, but we are now verifying people before entering to the community, because we can see how russian bots are attacking chats and provoking conflicts inside the community. To enter the telegram group you can write a message to of our admins from a social profile that is showing your identity. For now, anonimous users are not welcome in the telegram group.





Jungle Symbol


Gydravlik CryptoGeometry


Alexis Olin


I Am Opia


Igor anftimatter




Philipp Kapustin


Tais Poda


Lucy Nychai






In the context of War we are focused on following goals:

  • Provide financial, psychological, organizational, technical and marketing support to Ukrainian cryptoartists,
  • Create an educational course so that more creative people could learn how to create and promote their NFTs
  • Provide free English courses for cryptoartists so that they could promote themselves in an international scene
  • Empower the CryptoArt Ukraine community and promote Ukrainian NFT artists

Educational program


The educational program will be produced as a series of youtube videos (70-100 videos) so that anyone can watch it in its entirety or get acquainted with one specific section. Links, comparative tables and other interactive information will be documented and published as an addition to the video course.

This format of the educational program will allow us to make changes easily if needed.


The course will be published on the CryptoArt Ukraine website

Draft version of the programm:

  • Security of your NFT data
  • Psychological safety and mental health in NFT 
  • History of NFTs
  • Blockchain as an artistic tool
  • Culture, philosophy, ethics of the crypto community
  • Influencers in CryptoArt
  • NFT – Best practices, worst practices
  • How Blockchain Works
  • NFT marketplaces, smart contracts
  • NFT bible
  • NFT clusters
  • Collecting NFTs
  • Pricing
  • IPFS
  • Promoting yourself (website, twitter, twitter spaces, discord, reddit, etc)
  • CryptoArt Ukraine – community values ​​and how to be useful to others
  • Taxes
  • Physical Art and NFTs
  • Copyright and NFTs
  • Communities
  • Metaverse
  • Mechanics of buying, selling cryptocurrencies



Writing a program, preparing materials

Video recording, editing and publishing

course promotion

Conducting 20 twitter spaces on the most important topics of the educational program

Information and Resource Center

  • Consultations and organizational assistance in case of prime necessity (housing, evacuation, etc.). For war-affected artists and their families, the center will help find solutions to their highest priority issues. This assistance can be provided in coordinating the actions, as well as by finding support within the community from other participants.
  • Financial support for artists. In case of a problematic financial situation as a result of the war, the artist can receive basic financial support for their basic needs (food, housing, moving to a safe place)
  • Psychological support. The center will have a full-time professional psychotherapist who will be able to conduct individual and group sessions according to expertise, and the center will be able to help organize psychological support from other organizations with such capabilities
  • Mini-grants for technical equipment. As a result of the war, many cryptoartists lost the tools for their work (computers, graphic tablets, etc.). The center plans to issue mini-grants so that they could purchase necessary equipment to proceed their art practicies.
  • Marketing consulting. For successful development in the field of NFT, the skills to promote your personal brand and your artwork are extremely important. The center will provide personal and group consultations on NFT marketing

English courses for crypto artists

A professional English teacher will conduct personal and group classes with artists so that they can better promote themselves and their works on the international cryptoart scene. These classes will be free artists for the duration of the project.

Website and marketing events

Website (English and Ukrainian version) with information about the community, artists and this projects. How the information and resource center functions, English language courses and an educational course will be described there.


Marketing activities:

  • 3 events to promote Ukrainian artists (NFT exhibitions in the metaverse)
  • Constant activity in the official Twitter from CryptoArt Ukraine
  • Constant activity in the official Discord from CryptoArt Ukraine
  • Marketing support of CryptoArt Ukraine projects
  • Creation of a database of media about CryptoArt
  • Writing and sending press releases about the events of CryptoArt Ukraine


POLEMAKIV NFT exhibition and the meetup (Kharkiv)

POLEMAKIV is a pop-up cryptoart exhibition created by CryptoArt Ukraine community and took place 14-16 may 2021 in Kharkiv. 120 art pieces, 9 countries, 2 days, 5 lectures

CryptoArt Ukraine Meetup #1 (Odessa)

2021August 7-8, 12 presentations. Museum of Odesa Modern Art

CryptoArt Ukraine Meetup #2 (Kyiv)

2021 September 25-26 Lavra gallery

NFT exhibition at BLOCKCHAINUA conference (Kyiv)

2021 november 3, 3 screens, 12 artworks

POLEMAKIV NFT exhibition and the meetup (Kharkiv)

POLEMAKIV is a pop-up cryptoart exhibition created by CryptoArt Ukraine community and took place 14-16 may 2021 in Kharkiv. 120 art pieces, 9 countries, 2 days, 5 lectures

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