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Ukraine has become a life shield for the Western world. Every day, the war that Russia takes the lives of innocent people and. Being the victims of this unfair and terrible situation, we can say that we are dealing with fascism (rashism) and the genocide of the Ukrainian people.


We see the support to Ukraine from the whole world and Germany in particular and we are thankful for every effort, but we need to do more in all possible ways to reduce terror. By buying Russia’s resources, Germany financially supporting the war. Unfortunately, today Gas and Oil goes with Blood in one pack. We must be aware of this fact, however cruel it may be.


We know that the embargo of Russian oil and gas is an extremely complex economic and social process, but we ask you to do everything possible to speed up the minimization of the financing of the war. 


The artistic community in Ukraine is experiencing many individual and collective challenges. Pre-war artistic statements are now have new meanings,.


The OIL BLOOD LIBERTY exhibition is a question for all of us. What else can we do to defeat evil.

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Gydravlik (CryptoGeometry Art) https://linktr.ee/CryptoGeometry OIL KILLER coinbase
Sergey Melnitchenko https://linktr.ee/sergey_melnitchenko Behind the scenes #49 foundation
Iren Yakovenko https://linktr.ee/irenyakov From the series “Disgrounded” cargocollective
Irina Angles https://linktr.ee/IrinAngles Storm foundation
EVM ART https://linktr.ee/EuroVideoMapping Fear Of Chase makersplace
Artem Humilevskyi https://linktr.ee/humilevskiy Giant #50 foundation
touchsoundart https://linktr.ee/touchsoundart Ukrainian Heart Keeps Beating objkt.com
marinoss_art https://www.instagram.com/marinoss_art/ Ukrainian Madonna opensea
Sergey Melnitchenko https://linktr.ee/sergey_melnitchenko Metaheroes from Ukraine foundation
Dmytro Dokunov https://linktr.ee/dokunod Mother Earth: Alone but not lonesome foundation
Yura Miron https://linktr.ee/yuramironart Diversity superrare
Nikita FREEBOID https://linktr.ee/freeboid Warmth
Oleksiy Sai https://linktr.ee/freeboid Yellow meadow (1, 2, 3, 4, …) 2022, from excel art series. edition 1